11:00 AM11:00

Cutting ties with the past - Workshop


This is a second date I have added to run this workshop due to the first one booking up so quickly.

A truly transformational day of acknowledgement, acceptance and letting go. This workshop will help you to become more self-aware and help you develop on a personal level which will in turn help you in all aspects of your life. Break free from the past and move into the present.

Life consists of so much more than the physical world; even though we can’t see it, we are connected to one another on an energetic and emotional level. Each time we interact with another we make an exchange on the more subtle levels of our being and even after we physically separate from the other, energetic and emotional ties remain. Energetic cords are not restricted by space or time, so you can be connected to someone far away, a person from your past, or someone who is no longer living.

What is an Emotional Tie?

An emotional or energetic tie is a structure of energy between two people which causes patterns from the past to constantly be re-lived. These ties are often referred to as cords of attachment because they are an open channel between you and another person which energy and emotions flow without your conscious knowledge. You are literally “attached” to each other on a subtle level.

While it is necessary to have some ties in every relationship, it is important to differentiate between the beneficial ties and the destructive ties. Every day we exchange energy with friends, partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. In these interactions there are bound to be instances where we may feel hurt, misunderstood, betrayed, judged, or insulted. We are often not aware of how much energy we spend on these experiences which may ignite emotions such as fear, anger, or resentment. If we do not resolve and forgive these moments, we continually leak energy to these incidents and keep negative patterns alive.

We are not conscious of these ties and for this reason negative patterns in relationships tend to repeat themselves constantly. A good way to tell if you are still energetically and emotionally tied to a person or situation is to think of the person involved, and if an emotion arises, it shows that some of your energy is still invested there. Another indication that you are losing energy through a cord of attachment is to be aware of your energy levels after interacting with another. If you feel drained for a few hours after spending time with someone, it shows that your energy has “leaked” outward. Also, it is important to pay attention to any changes in your moods. Do you always feel angry around a particular person and you do not know why? All these are indicative of any unhealthy connection.

Cords are formed on a subconscious level, usually through one’s need for control, strength or manipulation. Cutting ties is a helpful thing to do to clear past experiences, beliefs, resentments, and judgments. Cutting ties allows us to remove old patterns and stop reliving dramas with other people.

Cutting ties does not sever the relationship (unless that is the intent), rather, it puts the relationship back on a healthy path. By cutting ties of old, negative energies, we allow space for new, more harmonious energies to enter those relationships. When you cut energetic ties, you will feel a sense of being free or of having a heavy burden removed. Effects may be felt physically, energetically, or emotionally.

It is also important to have awareness of how these cords got formed in the first place. What was your part in allowing the negative emotion and energy to develop between yourself and the other?

This workshop is open to everyone

We will explore what your energetic connections are on all levels and help bring clarity into your life

Workshop will be held in Miller’s house, Off Shop Street in Tuam

You will need to bring a pen and notebook

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to Oct 6

Rhythms of Life Weekend Retreat

October retreat image 2019.png

We all go through different experiences in our lives which have many positive and negative effects on our present life, as a result we sometimes get caught up in the same old beat whether that is in our thoughts or emotions. In this retreat we will work on allowing ourselves to flow in our natural rhythm, with ease and peace.

We will do this by allowing ourselves the space and time to do so, naturally and gently, through meditation, sound healing therapy, creative expression in writing, movement, walking, relaxation and fun.

The weekend starts with a welcome dinner at 6pm for all the group followed by an opening circle to open our energy to healing on all levels.

All meals, accommodation and workshops are included in the cost of 285 euro. A deposit of 100 euro must be paid in advance to secure your place. All accommodation is shared dorm style or you may book a single or twin room shared at an additional cost of 24 euro per person. Please advise at time of booking if you wish to secure a private room as they are limited. Balance to be paid on arrival to Sharon.


Sharon Fitzmaurice is an intuitive holistic wellness coach, author, speaker, reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist and has been facilitating workshops in the Boghill Centre for the past number of years.

Joining Sharon is guest facilitator Norah Coyne - holistic therapist from Connemara. Norah is a joy to work with and brings her soothing sounds to the workshop through her sound healing bath using her beautiful crystal bowls and gongs. Together Sharon & Norah create a safe and warm space for you to truly be yourself.

To bring with you - warm comfortable clothes, blanket and cushion for workshop space. Your own toiletries and a towel.

We spend the evenings relaxing by an open fire, having a little beverage, chatting, sometimes song and dance have been known to break out, but mostly a place where strangers become friends.

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Level 2 Reiki Energy Therapy Training
to Oct 13

Level 2 Reiki Energy Therapy Training

This level is for anyone who has already completed Level 1 Reiki / Seichem

Venue The Mill Tuam

Continue your journey of self-discovery, self development and awareness. 

Develop your Reiki practise and intuitive abilities with greater confidence and belief in your abilities. 

This level will be certified practitioner level which you may use to create a client based business within a few months after completing or just to develop your skills whilst allowing for deep healing on all levels. This is a journey of mind, body & spirit. 

Cost is 250 euro (50 euro deposit required to secure your place- non refundable). Balance to be paid on first day. Click here to book your place

Certificate, manual and self-treatment /Meditation mp3 on completion. 

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11:00 AM11:00

Wellness Day Tuam


Wellness day in aid of Irish Wheelchair Association & Multiple Sclerosis Tuam branches.
All monies raised will go direct to the two organisations.

See event page for further updates

Venue - Irish Wheelchair Association, The Glebe, Dublin Road, Tuam.

25 euro entrance fee gives you a choice of 2 x 20 minute different therapies on the day or 1 x 40 minute of one therapy.

Local therapists have kindly offered their services to help raise funds.

Range of therapies to choose from on
the day.

▪Reiki energy therapy
▪Bio-energy therapy
▪Massage back neck & shoulders
▪Aromatherapy hand massage
▪Indian Head Massage
▪Angel Card Readings
▪Psychic Readings
▪Shamanic healing
▪Foot & Leg Massage


More to follow

Doors open at 10.30am
Payment to be made and therapy sessions booked in advance to guarantee a session of your choice and availability of therapists on the day.
Book here

Teas/Coffees and an assortment of treats will be on sale in the canteen area.

Relaxation Room also available on the day to just sit and unwind quietly.

Organisers - Sharon Fitzmaurice
& Josephine Regan of MS Society of Ireland Tuam Branch

Noreen McWalter- Reflexology / Indian Head Massage
Tess O'Reilly - Reflexology / Reiki energy therapy
Lucie Vlachová - Massage / Reiki energy therapy
Carmel Mooney - Bio-energy therapy
Phyllis Brady - Psychic Readings
Mary Keena Donnellan - Angel Card Readings
Marian Clarke's Therapys - Reflexology
Sadie Cramer - Body/Mind balancing hands on energy healing & Shamanic Techniques
Angela Regan - Beauty Therapist

Stephanie Dowling Folan - Acupuncturist, Bio Energy Therapist

Martina Parker - Reflexology, Reiki or Indian Head Massage

AnneMarie Fallon - Massage & Beauty Therapist

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Level 1 Reiki Energy Training TUAM
to Nov 24

Level 1 Reiki Energy Training TUAM

Venue : The Mill, off Shop Street in Tuam  - Walk down Shop Street as far as Connaughtons shop, just after shop on your left is a little laneway that runs beside river, walk down laneway and turn left to see Miller's Cottage, white building with red door. (Beside old Tourist office) Cost is 250 euro, 50 euro deposit to be paid to secure your place (non refundable) - Click here to book your place


Cost is 250 euro. Deposit of 50 euro (non refundable or transferable) to secure place. Balance due on first day. 

Open a new door in your life with this amazing journey of self discovery and healing. Allowing you to help yourself and others.

As a Reiki / Seichem Master, Teacher & Practitioner, Sharon has worked with the beautiful Universal healing energy for many years and is honoured to share her skills and knowledge with you all. The benefits of working with this energy is not only beneficial for you but also for everyone and everything on this planet. 

After completing Level 1 Reiki / Seichem you may consider going onto to do Level 2 where you can then become a practitioner and receive clients. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore other aspect of energy work and how it can benefit your whole life. It has benefited me in so many ways that I am still finding myself excited with it each and every day and.

What Past Students have to say about it

"I am blown away again! I have done many workshops with Sharon but this was just incredible. Sharon is a wonderful and loving teacher, She allows you space and time to find yourself and works with you in helping you move towards the life you want to create, it is an empowering sense of belief and confidence in myself that I have never felt until I did Reiki training with Sharon. " Teresa B. 

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to Feb 20

Meditation Classes -Janaury 2020

January 2020 meditation image.png

These classes are for everyone! If you are a daily meditator or have never tried meditation before, you are all welcome and will gain something from each class. Limited places so please book in advance to guarantee your space.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate, I have been meditating for over 15 years now and I learn something new about myself each time.

Meditation allows you space in your daily life to come back to yourself

It is a powerful tool in helping to relieve stress and anxiety

It opens up your awareness and helps you deal with issues that arise on a daily basis

Increases mental strength and focus

Helps decision making and problem solving

Reduces blood pressure

Helps you become more self-aware and understand your emotions

Most of all it allows you time to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. aligning your energy to help you have more clarity and focus in all areas of your life.

Cost 80 euro

To book please pay deposit of 40 euro online and balance due on the first night.

Starting Thursday 12th September at 7.30pm - one hour per week for 7 x weeks in Millers house, Off Shop Street in Tuam town.

Parking available in the cathedral car park in Tuam town. Once parked, cross the street to O’ Toole’s supervalu car park and turn left passing the Leaf & Bean Restaurant, walk down a few steps under an archway and once out of archway, turn right walking down Shop Street, walk as far as Connaughtons shop on your left and just past the shop there is a little laneway that runs by the river, walk down this laneway and you will see the old Mill Wheel in front of you, just on the left of that you will see an old building and Miller’s house (red door) is just on left of that. This is our venue.

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to Feb 23

Soul Whisperings Weekend Retreat

February 2020 Retreat.png

This will be my 25th return visit with a retreat group to the beautiful Boghill Centre in Co. Clare. We are always made feel so welcome and it feels like home from home for me now.

Our retreat weekends are time for you, we work on all levels of your awareness and healing - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physical. Sometimes we just need to commit to ourselves and know that we are worth taking care of.

During our retreat we will go deeper into our awareness and listen to the whisperings of our souls. We each came to this Earth to learn from our lessons and our blessings, but sometimes we get stuck repeating the same lessons over and over again not sure how to break the cycle or patterns that have an negative impact on our lives. It may also be down to the energy you carry from generations gone by and are unaware of it.

I will guide you over the weekend to acknowledging what it is you are holding onto and what you have or can learn from those past experiences so we can now move forward with an open space to start the healing process and create new peaceful and loving energy into our lives.

You don’t need to have attended a retreat before, this one fits all. It is an open and welcoming space where you can truly be yourself without any judgements.

Great friendships have been formed from these weekend retreats with people from all over the world. Men and Women who come together to share and support each other in spirit of community healing.

All places must be booked with a deposit (book here) which is non refundable or transferable. Your balance is not due until you arrive.

All accommodation is shared hostel style, there are a limited number of private single and twin rooms that cost 24 euro extra per person.

Cost of retreat is 285 euro - deposit is 100 euro. Please advise if you wish to book a private room when paying deposit.

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9:00 AM09:00

Soul Space The Experience


Soul space is returning to Claregalway on the 15th September and again I am honoured to be invited back to speak and share my journey of self-awareness through the tools and techniques I have learned and studied to help heal my own trauma which nearly led me to end my life in 1994. Today I am living a mindful life helping others to help themselves. I hope you will join us on the day.

To book your place please go direct to

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to Jun 16

Release & Renew Retreat

Where strangers become friends

Where strangers become friends

Our weekend retreats are all about self love and what better way to give yourself more of what you deserve by treating yourself and a friend/ partner to a whole weekend just for you.

Our retreat will focus on moving from our past and into the beautiful present.

We will do this by starting with past life regression to dissolve painful issues, letting go and moving into the freedom of now. We will have lots of meditation and mindful moments to allow for self awareness on a deeper level. We will work together on opening up your creativity and sourcing the excitement and passion for yourself and your life, ready to explore new ideas and opportunities. Beautiful connections will be made that will bring out about an inner confidence and belief that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Our weekend will help bring you to a place within yourself that there is love, healing, peace and acceptance.

You will be joined by like minded people - guys and gals who are looking to transform old patterns and beliefs so that they can bring about a positive change in their own lives both personally and professionally.

Join Intuitive Wellness Coach & Author Sharon Fitzmaurice for her 23rd weekend in bringing like minded people together from all over the world to spend some time reconnecting to their true selves. Connect on a deeper level to the spiritual being of your energy through meditation, deep creative work, unlocking subconscious fears and allowing yourself to fully blossom this Summer.

Cost of retreat is 275 euro to include shared hostel accommodation, all meals and workshop participation. There are only a limited number of private rooms (4 x single rooms 4 x twin room), if you wish to book one please advise at time of booking, there is an extra 24 euro to be paid by individuals for single rooms, 48 euro for twin room. Deposit of 100 euro must be paid to secure your place - Deposits are non-refundable or transferable. Click here to book your place

Once you have secured your place, details will be emailed to you a few weeks before the weekend. If you have any queries in relations to the retreat, please email Sharon direct on

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12:00 PM12:00

Reiki Refresher Day


This Reiki refresher day is for anyone who has been initiated on any level and wishes to take some time out from their busy lives to reconnect to themselves and others through meditation, shared healing and support.

Please bring a blanket and cushion with you, a light lunch and pen and notebook if you wish.

Cost 40 euro. Click here to book your place

Venue The Mill Tuam

Walk down shop street as far as Connaughtons shop, just after the shop, turn left onto little laneway that runs by a small river, walk down laneway and see old building in front of you, on left of that is Millers house with a red door, this is where we will be.

Sharon Fitzmaurice is an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Wellness Coach and Author based in Co. Galway and has been facilitating workshops, retreats, training and talks for the over 10 years. She helps bring out the best in each person and helps you to focus on your individual abilities with more self-awareness and personal development

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Awakening Your Spirit Weekend Retreat
to Feb 24

Awakening Your Spirit Weekend Retreat

In this weekend retreat, Sharon will guide and support you to awaken your spirit to new growth and self-love. We will work together to bring out the best in each other, focusing on what creates the most light in your life whilst allowing ourselves to realise that the shadows of our past actually shaped or influenced us in learning who we now are. Click here to read more / book your place

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10:00 AM10:00

Renew her Soul


Honoured to be guest speaker for this wonderful event organised by three fabulous ladies called Together out stories, women supporting women.

I will be guest speaker on Sunday 2nd December in One pery square, Limerick

I hope you can join me.

For information or to book your place please email

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7:30 PM19:30

Change Starts Within


Delighted to be speaker for this month’s Positive Living Network event in 56 Central, Shop Street Galway to speak about Change starts within

I will share with you how I created change within my own life to bring about positive benefits on all levels. It will be a fun, information and interactive evening for us all. If you wish to join the event please use this link

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Reiki Group Meditation
8:15 PM20:15

Reiki Group Meditation


Join Sharon Fitzmaurice Intuitive Reiki Master and Author for a deeply relaxing and healing evening as She guides you through a journey of healing with a guided meditation and the gentle healing energy of Reiki as it flows through you, receiving healing on all levels, phsyically, mentally, emotionally and phsyically.

This is a laying down event, so please bring a yoga mat or sleeping bag to lay on, a cushion for head or lower back support and dress comfortably and warm.

Cost is 15 euro per person and places must be booked in advance as limited space. Please arrive 5 minutes before hand to pay and settle in. 

New VENUE: The Hub Claregalway. Just behind Nine Arches Hotel - free parking.

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Love and Loss - Weekend Retreat
to Sep 30

Love and Loss - Weekend Retreat

Join Sharon Fitzmaurice Spiritual Wellness Coach and Author for a weekend retreat with a difference. 

5pm Friday 28th to 2pm Sunday 30th September2018

This will be Sharon's 21st time to bring a group away on retreat to the beautiful Boghill Centre in Kilfenora Co. Clare. Park your car up on Friday and you don't have to drive again until Sunday afternoon. 

Joining Sharon as guest facilitator for this retreat is the wonderful Hilary Connor

Hilary Connor is an Author & Spiritual Development Coach. 

A Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer, with qualifications in counselling and training, she applies these modalities to all of her work. Hilary is based Gorey in,Co Wexford and holds treatment sessions with clients from all over the world where she enjoys spreading the empowering message that each and every one of us has the innate ability to step in our own true power, realizing the best versions of ourselves we have to offer this world in which we share.

I look forward to welcoming Hilary on our amazing weekend as well as all of you. 

The weekend will include workshops of meditation, mindfulness and creative exercises to honour all loss in your life. 

To connect with that deep love we held for another and how it may feel like a part of you is missing. To learn to honour all feelings of grief, separation, feeling alone and how to cope without that person,  whether they have physically passed from this world or are just not present in your life anymore.  It is also a time to honour who you are now.

Weekend costs 275 euro which covers all meals, shared hostel accommodation and workshops. There is a 100 euro deposit payment to secure and book your place, this is non refundable or transferable. Balance of payment is not due until your first day of the retreat.  Click HERE to book your place with deposit

There are a limited number of private rooms available and a supplement of 24 euro per person added if you wish to book one. There are 4 singles and 4 twins available. Request for a private room must be made on booking. 

To bring with you, towel and toiletries. For workshop space use, blanket and cushion. For walking meditations or just your own free time exploring - rain jacket, walking shoes and comfortable clothes. 

We usually sit around the fire in the evenings and chat or sing, if you wish you may bring refreshments of your choice. Chocolate and crisps are always welcome too!

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to Jul 22

Waterford Camino Weekend


Join me for a weekend on the Waterford CAMINO for beautiful scenic walks. 
Special deal for 2 Nights B& B plus 1 Dinner staying in log cabins 265 euro pod.
12 spaces available
There are 6 log cabins each one with a double bed and a bunk bed

Itinerary for our weekend

●Friday 20th July
Start at 2pm - Cliff walk to Portally Cave and back to harbour. (Make our own arrangements for dinner this night)
●Saturday 21st July
8km walk after breakfast
Break for lunch
Boat trip in the afternoon
Dinner for group at 6.30pm in The Strand Inn. 
●Sunday 22nd July
Visit Waterford Greenway and cycle from Durrow tunnel into Dungarvan 16km in total or walk if you prefer. 

A gentle Camino Weekend to experience the beauty of Waterford and take some time out for yourself with a group of like minded people. 

Deposit of 70 euro must be paid to secure and confirm your place asap as I have cabins held for this weekend. (non refundable)
Balance due on arrival

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Walking the path of your heart - TWO places left
to Jun 17

Walking the path of your heart - TWO places left

Join Sharon Fitmaurice Spiritual Medium, Wellness Coach and Author for a weekend of walking the path of your heart. Connecting to self and Spirit. 

Joining her for the second time will be Peter Matthew Psychic Medium & Teacher from Cork who brings with him inspirational teachings and messages of love and peace. 

Sharon & Peter will also give a mediumship demonstration to retreat participants on the Saturday evening. 


This will be Sharon's  19th group to bring away on weekend retreat to the fabulous Boghill Centre, Kilfenora, Co. Clare. It is a time of great healing, truth and finding a place within yourself to accept who you are in that moment and in your life. 

In this weekend retreat it will be a time of reconnection to your beautiful heart energy to walk the path of wonder within and to find your true self.

The weekend will be a chance for you to take time out from your busy lives, not only to reconnect to yourself, but also to meet like minded people who are travelling the path with you. We are all just walking each other home. 

We will do this through meditation, shared healing, support, shared creative exercises in exploring our energy bodies, Understanding what we are holding onto and what our heart energy is actually sending out into the Universe. 

So many times we are unaware of what we are truly feeling and we get lost in the voices of the past, this weekend will be about finding your own voice and letting your heart express itself honestly and openly. 

All your meals, accommodation and workshop participation are included in the cost which is 265 euro. A deposit of 50 euro must be paid to secure your place (non refundable)

Balance will be paid on arrival.

Accommodation is shared hostel dormitory style, there are limited private rooms and there is an extra 24 euro supplement for anyone wishing to book one. There are 4 single rooms and 4 twin rooms available. 

Weekend starts at 5.30pm with a warm open welcoming circle. Group dinner at 6.00pm followed by relaxing meditation in the Workshop hall.

Saturday workshop starts at 10am to 6.00pm (break for lunch) 

Evening Mediumship Demonstration with Sharon & Peter at 7pm

Sunday 10am to 1.30pm, lunch will be provided before you leave 

To bring with you

Rain jacket and walking shoes, wear comfortable clothes. 

Toiletries and towel, yoga mat and blankets for workshop work. Pen, paper and colouring pencils. Your own refreshments for the evenings, we usually sit around the fire and have a dance or a sing song. 

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Step into Your Power Weekend Retreat - Fully Booked
to Feb 25

Step into Your Power Weekend Retreat - Fully Booked

oin Sharon Fitzmaurice and Guest Facilitator Peter Matthew for a wekeend retreat with a difference.

This will be Sharon's 14th time to bring a group away on retreat to The Boghill Centre and each time there is something new to learn, heal and grow within each of us.


This is a weekend full of self awareness, personal development, healing, intuitive sharing and creativity. We are all here to support and share with each other.


Our theme for this weekend is Step into Your Power


How do you step into your power? By letting go of the need to have your life a certain way. Stepping into your power means that you recognise and accept that you are complete within yourself, without the need for any particular thing, person, circumstance, or outcome.


We will do this through Meditation, creative exercises to explore your hidden fears and self doubt. Working together to support each other through the process. We will also be working closely with our Spiritual helpers, connecting on a deeper level to our Divine Self and how we are always guided and supported.

We also have lots of fun and laughter and enjoy a bit of craic by the fire each evening.

Peter Matthew will run an afternoon workshop witht the group and also give a Mediumship demonstration on the Saturday evening to bring messages of love and support from your loved ones in Spirit.

Cost of workshop is 250 euro (50 euro deposit to secure you place, balance due on arrival) Limited places. Deposits non refundable

Once you pay deposit online you will receive an email nearer to date confirming all details and directions to The Boghill Centre, Co. Clare

Starts at 5pm Friday 23rd and finishes at 1pm Sunday 25th

All Meals (vegetarian) and shared hostel acommodation are included in the cost also

Limited number of private & twin rooms available at supplement of 24 euro per person 


Peter Matthew - Psychic Medium & Teacher

Sharon Fitzmaurice - Spiritual Wellness Coach & Author

Helping You to Help Yourself to Awaken Your Potential.

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to Dec 9

Sharon's book & journal launch party

So excited to share my first book with you all and also as a lovely surprise, I have created a gratitude and guidance journal to correlate with my book to help you on your healing journey.  You are all invited and boy are we going to party that night.

In my book I will share with you my struggles as a child coming to terms with my anxiety and fears, real and believed. I will tell you about how I started to be aware of Spirit and how they were always helping me on my path. This is my journey but I know it will resonate with so many people in helping them feel like they are not alone in their challenges. How we survive and thrive through the worst of times and in that we learn to grow and develop our strengths to create who we want to be. I hope you will enjoy my first book and the journal will help you to bring acceptance, peace and understanding to your own journey. 



You may order the book through this link - ORDER BOOK HERE 


You may order the gratitude and guidance journal through this link - ORDER JOURNAL

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Angel Meditation Ballinasloe
7:15 PM19:15

Angel Meditation Ballinasloe

Join Sharon Fitzmaurice Angel Intuitive for a guided meditation to connect with yourself and your beautiful Angels on Friday 8th September at 7.15pm

Pay as you go 15 euro. All Welcome. 

This is a seated class, deeply relaxing, supportive and energising. 

To book your place please contact Teresa Blake on 086 3144321

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Mindfulness Wellbeing
to Oct 11

Mindfulness Wellbeing

New 2017 Mindful Well being classes in Lackagh. Open to everyone whether new to Mindfulness or want to develop your practise. This class is to share and support each other.

Do you want to create new and lasting practises of well-being in your life?

Develop or Strengthen your mindfulness practise in daily life?

Time out for you each week?

Want to meet new and fun people that are exactly like you, all going through the same struggles in life and need a little support to get back on track?

Fun and easy techniques to bring you back to the present moment?

Understanding and recognising your emotions?

Set daily goals that are easy and achievable, enabling you set long term goals that too can be achieved to benefit your well-being.

These 6 week class are open to everyone, even if you have attended one of my Mindfulness programmes before, this is to bring together all aspects of well-being whether you are new to Mindfulness or have been living mindfully for years, it is coming together to share and support each other in a non-judgemental and supportive group.


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11:00 AM11:00

Building a bridge to your heart workshop

Join me in this one day workshop The Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit, Galway - Places must be booked in advance Cost 70 euro 

Book now

Join Intuitive Wellness Coach Sharon Fitzmaurice for a day of reconnecting to your beautiful heart

In this day we will focus on going deeper into our heart energy to help release issues from the past and present to help us move into our future with positive love and energy. 

The day will consist of 

  • Meditation
  • relaxation
  • Intuitive readings from your heart energy
  • Spiritual connection to your loved ones
  • Positive life affirming guidance

Places are limited so please book in advance

Please bring  sleeping bag for laying down meditation 

Start time 11am to 5pm 

Venue: Ballybrit Suite, Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit, Galway


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Angel circle meditation Ballinasloe
7:00 PM19:00

Angel circle meditation Ballinasloe

Join me each month for a group meditation evening in Spirit 3, Main Street in Ballinasloe at 7pm for one hour.

This class is open to all people, even if you have never tried or experienced meditation, it is a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere to join in and relax deeply.

Please do book your place in advance to avoid disappointment.

Text Teresa at 086 314 4321


15 euro pay as you go


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9:00 PM21:00

Open invite to Christmas party in aid of Cope Galway

5 euro per person donated on the night will gain you entry into the raffle for amazing prizes and also finger food. Please do join us and invite all your friends. Let us help Cope Galway to continue their great work in helping those facing homelessness each and every day. Thank you

See facebook link to event

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Mindfulness Class TUAM
7:30 PM19:30

Mindfulness Class TUAM

In this 6 week programme you will learn how to relax, release stress, deal with emotions and have more clarity and focus in your daily life.

Venue is The Little Mill, Chapel Lane, Tuam.

(walk down Shop street as far as Connaughtons shop, at side of shop on left is little laneway that runs by a small river, walk down laneway and see white building on left with red door and windows)

Week 1. Learn relaxation techniques for mind and body
Week 2. Dealing with Emotions
Week 3. Listening & Communication
Week 4. Resilience / Inner strength
Week 5. Clarity & Focus- setting goals
Week 6. Compassion & Kindness

Cost is €80 for the 6 weeks and must be paid in advance.

Sharon has been a Certified Meditation Teacher Facilitator since 2008 and has worked with people from all over Ireland. She facilitates mindful and self awareness workshops and retreats.  She is also an Intuitive Reiki Healing Master and practitioner




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Mind - Body Well being Workshop Galway
10:30 AM10:30

Mind - Body Well being Workshop Galway

This one day workshop is to bring balance to mind and body with
Mindfulness techniques for daily life
Gentle body movements to bring focus and balance
Deep relaxation and healing for mind and body
Listening and communication - self development & Letting go
This will be a gentle, relaxed and deeply fulfilling day where you can truly be yourself, learning new skills to take into your every day life that will help you deal with stress, anxiety, worry and fear. It will open a new door of self-discovery for you. If you wish to book your place, please join the event by clicking on 'going'.
Cost is 65 euro per person. Bring a yoga mat/sleeping bag to lay on as some of the workshop we will be laying down for deep rest and relaxation, bring also a pen and notebook.
Lunch is from 1pm to 2.15pm (there is a nearby hotel to eat in or to grab a sandwich nearby shops) Teas & Coffess will be provided at the workshop.

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Weekend Group Retreat - Rhythms of the Soul
to Feb 28

Weekend Group Retreat - Rhythms of the Soul

This retreat I will be joined by Sound Healing therapist Norah Coyne who will emmerse you in the healing sounds of tibetan bowls, gongs and many more wonderful healing tools.  We will focus on allowing our soul’s own rhythm to emerge through meditation, sound and colour healing, planting the seeds of our intentions with Mother Earth, allowing ourselves space and time to let our vibration shine through and truly be seen in all it’s magnificent glory

From 5pm on Friday 26th February to 1.30pm Sunday 28th February. Please bring your own toiletries &  towels. For workshop participation bring  extra blanket, yoga mat, cushion, pen and notebook.

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