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"In my work, I combine all experiences from every aspect of my professional and personal life to help people to find and awaken their true potential. Like many of you, I too have come through my own struggles and challenges. From an early age, I have been intuitively aware of people's energy and how it affects their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I believe in an holistic approach to self-care and through this I have learned many therapies and practices over the years, that are now helping the people I work with to become more self-aware, more mindful and more positive in their daily lives. Thus allowing more balance and an opportunity to live the life they truly want. After years of my own personal development, which I continue on a daily basis, I am now assisting thousands of people in Ireland and online to implement the changes that will most benefit their life and circumstances right now. Each of us are unique beings and therefore we will not all think or feel the same way as anyone else, I work with each person in finding what areas of their lives they feel they need help with and we take it step by step through a process of self-healing, self-awareness, self-development and finding your joy and pleasure in each moment.  This year I have set up many challenges for myself and I ask you to come along with me, together we can achieve anything we set our mind to, awaken the light within you and open up a new door in your life, the greatest discovery will be of yourself.  ~ Sharon"

Sharon is an Holistic Wellness Coach, Author,  Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Motivational Speaker

She offers one to one and also group sessions & training, along with running monthly wellness groups and annual retreats. She regularly gives talks and seminars on mental and emotional well-being

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My new book and gratitude journal are available to buy online (see below) or at the following shops in Mayo, Galway, Limerick and Cork.

Review of Someone please help me, so I did by Declan G. Henry - Author

"There is an abundance of self-help books available on the market written by Americans, and among these you will find the good, the bad and the patronising. I’m glad I found this one, however, because it’s the best I have ever read. This stunning debut by Sharon Fitzmaurice is beautifully written, clear and often moving. From the outset I could feel Sharon’s warmth and bravery as she described the loneliness and desperation she endured as a result of childhood sexual abuse, followed later by an unwanted pregnancy and a failed marriage. Her experiences are recalled in a way that is devoid of blame or the need for retribution. 

Irish people are naturally good humoured and enjoy having the craic with each other. But what is also prevalent in the Irish DNA is depression, resulting in high suicide figures which are considerably higher than other European countries. Behind the smiles there is much festering of unhealed wounds that people carry around with them. Many are stuck in life or feel hopeless and helpless, others are ridden with guilt or shame or perceived failure. This book offers a different way of looking at themselves and their problems, with Sharon showing how to overcome adversity and recover from depression and suicidal ideation. 

The book is realistic and, perhaps unlike many American self-help books, it does not advocate instant relief. Nor does it encourage daydreaming about something (or someone) entering your life to solve your problems and transform your life while you sit on the sofa and do nothing. Comprising of compassion and authenticity that is both uplifting and healing in tone, this refreshing book offers hope and encouragement to those who feel the light at the end of the tunnel is out of reach or may never come. By encouraging readers to take small, practical and achievable steps, they are shown how to begin to repair their broken lives. During her darkest moments, Sharon realised that if she was going to sit around and wait for somebody to help her, she would be waiting a long time. So instead, she set about masterminding her own recovery and recreating a new life for herself. This was to be a life she wanted and one worth living. And it is this life which she now enjoys; filled with happiness, joy and satisfaction.

I know a good author always leaves the reader wanting more but I wish this book was much longer. When I arrived at the last chapter, I felt a little sad knowing the end was approaching. 'Someone Please Help I did' imparts positive vibes from start to finish. Maybe the reason for this is that Sharon’s story has a spiritual essence which gives it special meaning. It shows that all the life experiences we face are brought to help us learn and grow. Some people overcome adversity better than others but everyone has the ability to choose change at any point during their life. I hope Sharon continues to write more books. Based on this one alone, I feel she has countless more stories and experiences to share which will prove beneficial to many people. "

  Books N More Tuam, Co. Galway

Atlantis Shop, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

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 The Castle Bookshop, Castle St. Castlebar, Co. Mayo.   


"Like our lives, our stories are forever changing, our start in life remains the same but we can always change the ending"

"Courageous in the telling and inspirational in the reading, Sharon Fitzmaurice emerges as one of the most honest life-writers putting pen to paper in the genre today. Hoping to see more from Sharon in the future. Her accompanying journal encourages her audience to start their own healing journey—and that’s part of what makes Sharon stand out—she has integrity." Dr. Rebecca Housel


  To order the 21 day Gratitude & Guidance journal please    order here

To order the 21 day Gratitude & Guidance journal please order here

“Some one please help me”, those were the words that I screamed inside my head as I rolled on the floor of my rented box room in the city. Even in my desperation and darkness I still couldn’t call out for help. I still hid my fear and shame from everyone around me. Who would understand and who could really help me? I just wanted the pain and hurt to go away, I just wanted it all to end. I had just split up from a six year relationship and honestly felt whom could I turn to for help.

In my book I will share with you how from my lowest point, I found a reason to live. I will share with you my struggles in coping with daily mental and emotional challenges and how I was being guided every moment of my life.

To compliment my book I have also written a 21 day gratitude & guidance journal to help you to help yourself. See below
— Author - Sharon Fitzmaurice

If you would like to share your story of how your overcame your challenges in my next book to help and inspire others please email me.