"There is an abundance of self-help books available on the market written by Americans, and among these you will find the good, the bad and the patronising. I’m glad I found this one, however, because it’s the best I have ever read. This stunning debut by Sharon Fitzmaurice is beautifully written, clear and often moving. From the outset I could feel Sharon’s warmth and bravery as she described the loneliness and desperation she endured as a result of childhood sexual abuse, followed later by an unwanted pregnancy and a failed marriage. Her experiences are recalled in a way that is devoid of blame or the need for retribution. 


Irish people are naturally good humoured and enjoy having the craic with each other. But what is also prevalent in the Irish DNA is depression, resulting in high suicide figures which are considerably higher than other European countries. Behind the smiles there is much festering of unhealed wounds that people carry around with them. Many are stuck in life or feel hopeless and helpless, others are ridden with guilt or shame or perceived failure. This book offers a different way of looking at themselves and their problems, with Sharon showing how to overcome adversity and recover from depression and suicidal ideation. 


The book is realistic and, perhaps unlike many American self-help books, it does not advocate instant relief. Nor does it encourage daydreaming about something (or someone) entering your life to solve your problems and transform your life while you sit on the sofa and do nothing. Comprising of compassion and authenticity that is both uplifting and healing in tone, this refreshing book offers hope and encouragement to those who feel the light at the end of the tunnel is out of reach or may never come. By encouraging readers to take small, practical and achievable steps, they are shown how to begin to repair their broken lives. During her darkest moments, Sharon realised that if she was going to sit around and wait for somebody to help her, she would be waiting a long time. So instead, she set about masterminding her own recovery and recreating a new life for herself. This was to be a life she wanted and one worth living. And it is this life which she now enjoys; filled with happiness, joy and satisfaction.

I know a good author always leaves the reader wanting more but I wish this book was much longer. When I arrived at the last chapter, I felt a little sad knowing the end was approaching. 'Someone Please Help me.......so I did' imparts positive vibes from start to finish. Maybe the reason for this is that Sharon’s story has a spiritual essence which gives it special meaning. It shows that all the life experiences we face are brought to help us learn and grow. Some people overcome adversity better than others but everyone has the ability to choose change at any point during their life. I hope Sharon continues to write more books. Based on this one alone, I feel she has countless more stories and experiences to share which will prove beneficial to many people. " Declan G. Henry - Author

I first met Sharon in Junior Chamber Galway in 1995 while I was President of the local Chapter. She was a “breath of fresh air”, always eager to get involved, reliable & trustworthy, showing obvious leadership skills but with the added bonus of FUN!

Move forward 20 years and that was the first time I attended one of Sharon’s weekend retreats, in the Boghill Centre, Co. Clare. I found it really warm and welcoming and was amazed to see Sharon in her new environment where she completely captured her audience with her energy and conviction. Her ability to encourage and motivate groups & individuals really shone. She taught me the value of meditation and mindfulness over that weekend.

I feel really fortunate to call Sharon my friend and look forward to the next 20 years of FUN ☺
— Cliona Kavanagh, Past President Junior Chamber Galway
“I was so excited about meeting Sharon as I had linked in with her through social media and loved her work, but meeting her exceeded my expectations. Her warm welcome gave me a long lasting first impression. Sharon was so open, tuned in and present throughout my whole training. She went through the steps of mindfulness in as many aspects as possible in order for me to gain a broad understanding of the concept. Sharon also gave me a deeply relaxing experience where she helped me relax with a guided mindful/meditation body scan. I cannot rate her highly enough and am grateful to have met such a beautiful, genuine soul who does what she does because she loves it.”
Jennifer Reidy - Compassion Fatigue Ireland
On behalf of the Corofin Community Development Association (CCDA) I would like to highlight Sharon Fitzmaurice’s involvement in the Corofin Health & Beauty Event which was held during the Corofin Calling Festival from 19th to 26th July 2014.

Sharon was invited to join us as a guest speaker to deliver at this event around the topic of Mindfulness & Reiki including tips for overall happiness. The event was attended by 150 attendees and Sharon delivered an very natural and insightful presentation which was both uplifting & informative around self motivating, feeling positive, being thankful and happy within your own life.

She presented in a very professional, motivating and upbeat manner which is true to Sharon’s personality and work ethic - this was really well received by the audience.

The feedback was excellent regarding the Health and Beauty Event overall but in particular regarding the calibre of speakers & topics covered. We would highly recommend Sharon for future events.
— Michelle Murphy, CCDA PRO & Festival Co-Ordinator 2014
I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon Fitzmaurice both personally and professionally for over 8 years now. When I think of Sharon, there are a few words that come to mind immediately to describe her – Love, Happiness, Fun & Laughter.

Sharon has a contagious personality filled with her equally contagious laugh. She exudes joy and passion in all her relationships whether it is with her clients or her friends. Sharon is a magnet of love.

I have observed her grow her business organically over the years, building great momentum in living her life full of purpose, passion and commitment.
Her dedication to her powerful work speaks for itself with many who have had the opportunity of working with her, make great changes to their lives.

Sharon is one of life’s “Givers” and this is reflected in it’s application to her work and associated interests. I believe the individual lucky enough to cross Sharon’s path, whether that be as a client or friend will be enriched by the experience and forever transformed.
— Pauline Rohdich Advaya, True Life Teacher

One To One Session With Sharon

I had the pleasure of having a one to one session with Sharon in January 2014 and it was one of the most pleasant and enlightening hour and a half of my life. Sharon was immediately in tune with me and she took me through a lovely journey of meeting my inner child along. It opened my mind and imagination to many things in life that I have not done because I felt I couldn’t or felt guilty about but after just one session I have a different perspective on my future and an absolute excitement about why I can do things rather than focusing on why not. In my opinion Sharon is truly gifted and her openness and rapport to make me comfortable were amazing – she is kind, honest and a lovely sense of humour.
I will be returning to spend more time with Sharon as I work towards achieving my new pathway in life and would highly recommend her to anyone – if you are looking at her page, or website there is a reason so follow your instincts and see where it leads, you have nothing to lose but in my experience a lot to gain!
— Sarah xxx”
I want to thank Sharon for giving me the tools within myself to live the life I love and am fulfilled in every day with abundance, love, fun, gratitude, self- belief and health.
Sharon is a truly amazing person, brilliant teacher and excels at what she does, but most of all an amazing friend. She has taught me the gift of believing in myself and has encouraged me every step of the way through training with her in Mediation and Reiki, and also in the many workshops and retreats I have attended facilitated by Sharon. To sum Sharon up these are the words that come to mind -”LIVE,LOVE AND LAUGHTER”
Love you Sharon, your fond friend and student.
— Gretta McManus – Relationship Coach
My name is Geraldine. I remember going to my first session with Sharon not really knowing what it was all about, .I was going through personal problems and was finding life a bit of a struggle. I can safely say it was the best discovery I ever made. I remember coming out feeling so relaxed and with Sharon’s help over the following months she helped me get back on track .She taught me how to cope with stressful situations and II feel much calmer in myself and have a better outlook on life. I now take some time for myself and practice meditation for a few minute every morning. Thank you Sharon
— Geraldine
I have attended a number of courses given by Sharon, Reiki level I & II and a course in Guided meditation facilitation. I have also attended two retreats that Sharon facilitated and a number of her meditation groups. Each time I attend a group or retreat, I find it to be a very fulfilling experience and learn something about myself each time. I feel that by attending Sharon’s groups, I have become more relaxed and able to face issues with a different, brighter perspective. I have also improved relationships with some members of my family and I am living a fuller and happier life. Sharon’s groups are friendly and welcoming with lots of fun, tears and laughter and are certainly worth taking the time out to attend.
— CM

Distant Healing Session

My distance healing with Sharon was so beautiful and healing. I had been attending Sharon’s meditation group in Galway for a couple of years and she has helped my grow in so many ways! Her positivity and joy is contagious! Having moved abroad last year, I was missing out on Sharon’s beautiful energy. The distance healing was therefore perfect for me, but I would recommend it to anyone with a busy schedule also. To prepare, I laid down with some meditation music and opened up to the healing. I really felt all the love and healing, and was so relaxed and unburdened after it. I could have slept! Sharon’s email feedback was amazing - so comforting. This was such a lovely way to look after myself and share in Sharon’s fabulous energy.


Lots of love Sharon!!! xxx

I attended a 6 week Mindfulness course with Sharon in November 2015. I found her professional and insightful. She helped me to deal with different things aspects of my life – professional and personal. I have since recommended her courses to many friends and clients. I will continue to promote Sharon’s self-awareness programs and workshops as I found it to be of immense value to me going forward. Here’s to the future.
— Michael Tarpey, Health Professional/ Personal Fitness Instructor

Reiki Session with Sharon

I went to Sharon last month for a Reiki session. I found it a unique and very powerful experience. It never fails to amaze me how gifted sharon is. The environment she worked in felt so safe and secure. It was if she had a total insight into my physical, emotional and mental pain. The healing was a very powerful experience which I would highly recommend to anyone. If you open your mind and heart, it’s really special to see what you have to benefit from such a beautiful session. I can’t put into words how powerful it felt. It’s highly recommended if you want something really special just for you, thank you Sharon xxx
— Mary Mitchell

Weekend Retreat

I attended a weekend retreat last September 2014 in Boghill with Sharon Fitzmaurice as the facilitator. At this retreat I did not let myself be true to myself or to honestly open up with anyone else. I said what I said trying to please everyone thinking in my head that I was doing the right thing like I always have done saying what I said about myself, as to be the people pleaser and by keeping up my guard and protecting myself. I did not let myself connect with Sharon as I was scared of my true self. I am a reiki master I am a channel for healing but struggled to heal myself.
Well this weekend February 20th – 22nd I attended another weekend retreat in Boghill. What can I say I Anntoinette Phoenix LET GO. Sharon Fitzmaurice you are a beautiful loving healing human being and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank you for the gift of being able to let go, to speak my truth, to cry, to feel loved , to the gift of beautiful new friends, for feeling so comfortable and secure and especially for my beautiful healing I received through your personal guided meditations, your talks, your lessons. I have keep the hurt and pain of difficult situations in my life hidden, from childhood to being a teenager to being an adult. Well no longer Sharon through this weekend I have torn down the wall that I built around my heart and myself and it wasn’t a little or thin wall it was massive. Sharon through her love, understanding, helpfulness, kindness, hugs and a large box of tissues helped me to release all my anger, hurt, pain, loss, lack of confidence, being the victim, being the pleaser. As I write this I am so happy I’m like the cat that got the cream. I am on a new journey a new chapter in my life I am not dragging my feet anymore I am not afraid when I speak my truth, I am honouring myself, I am me and I am love. I am free. I can write these words because of the two beautiful retreats I have attended, for the beautiful friends I have made and deep connections and links with everyone, for the beautiful hugs love and non- judgement.
I thank my buddy Siobhan for introducing me to an amazing person. Her name is Sharon Fitzmaurice she is in my life forever and I am truly truly blessed that I attended Boghill in 2014 and 2015 and that I am gliding along knowing FREEDOM.
Forever in my heart Sharon
Namaste xxx
— Anntoinette Phoenix 23/02/2015
I have been to Sharon’s meditation groups. I have never done anything like this before, it’s all new. I wasn’t sure what to expect. On the first night my friend and I were welcomed into the group by Sharon, You can’t help but notice her exorbitant warmth and positivity. The meditation itself was absolutely mind blowing. Then you each get the opportunity to express how you feel and what you felt during the meditation. This may help you or the person across from you understand what was going on. It really helps me and Sharon is amazing to watch and listen to as she goes around the group one by one. We love going to the group mediation. This is truly an amazing experience.
— DB
I heard about Sharon Fitzmaurice from a few of my clients and working and residing in Dublin I was intrigued by her approach to a clients wellbeing. So I took it upon myself to make an appointment with her and travel to Galway, I can tell you I was amazed.
Sharon exudes compassion and is no doubt straight forward with her intuitive feelings of what is ‘really’ going on inside your mind and body. I learned so much from my first visit to her that I decided to make regular visits.
I am 7 years practising psychotherapy and Sharon has taught me to be real and to allow my own vulnerability to be my strength in life and in my practise. She has a no nonsense approach to finding ways for each person to help themselves in their recovery process. Me included!
As Sharon often says to me “We all need a helping hand”.
I highly recommend Sharon as a therapist and in motivating you to enjoy life even in the midst of the chaos. I will be back
— MM
Having attended some of Sharon’s groups, and in my experience, Sharon delivers her topics with focus and intent whilst keeping groups engaged and interested throughout the delivery. She presents a genuine product with useful ‘take-away’ tips and suggestions. Sharon connects on an individual level, offering support in sometimes difficult situations without making the client feel exposed within a group.
— Maire Morkan Reiki / NLP

Sharon's book - Someone please hep me, so I did

"This book is a must read. Everyone can relate in some way and can truly benefit from reading Sharon's book.
Sharon is a beautiful lady inside and out, an inspiration to us all with a loving and kind heart. Once I started reading Sharons book I couldnt put it down. It is a brave and straight from the heart book. Sharon is like all of us in so many ways. Life can be difficult and there are times we want to give up. Sharon got to a point in her life where she felt she had enough, but she came back fighting from a very dark place and over the years has turned her life around completely, the help she was looking for she learned was within herself. What she does now, she loves doing but most importantly she has learned to love herself. Through this book she is letting us all know that there is hope and we can do and achieve anything we put our minds to, that we all have the power to do what we want to do in life and that power is within ourselves, we just have to listen and take action. No one can create our happiness, only we can do that. She can help guide you through the process is many ways through all her incredible courses and workshops but she will always say that only you can make the difference within yourself, which is the truth. However you can learn important skills from Sharon to do so. It's not always easy, and we will still hit bumps in the road through life's journey, but how we deal with it, is what matters. That's what makes a difference. Its okay to have a down day, that is only natural. But we should acknowledge and deal with the emotion and core issue and resolve it instead of allowing it to control us negatively from within ourselves and impacting on our lives and our loved ones around us.
This is a beautifully written book, one I now have beside my bed so I can go back and dip in and out of it when I need reminding that anything is possible. That we can overcome any challenge if we set our mind to do so. The first meditate class I attended of Sharon's was a blessing. She truly lights up the room with her personality, beautiful smile and infectious laugh. She is warm and welcoming and I have always enjoyed her classes. I signed up to Sharon's mindfulness classes in Summer last year and I looked forward to and enjoyed each and every class and all the fabulous people that were part of it. You always leave Sharon's classes feeling better in yourself, more motiatived and positive and like you are not alone in how you are feeling or thinking. 
I look forward to attending many more classes in the future and hope I will get to do the Camino trip in the not too distant future too.
Sharon is starting the process of writing her next book and I for one can't wait to read it.
If you haven't bought her current book, then do! I promise you won't be disappointed. A lovely gift for a loved one too.
Wishing you every success in the World Sharon. You truly deserve it.
Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life to date. Forever grateful ♡
Sandra xx"

"Hi Sharon, I have just finished your book and I found it so inspiring! Some of the things that happened in your life and you still come out with such a positive attitude is amazing! I'm looking forward to meeting and attending some of your workshops this year. Congratulations on such an uplifting and inspiring book . Noreen Conroy"

"What a book! Couldn't leave it down. I just wanted to keep going and going, I resonated with alot of it as I'm sure many have. It is a real "good feel" book. It's like a personal bible that can remind you every day of how to achieve your own happiness and a reassurance of those that stand with us and are there to help us. Now I want to know more about how to connect and more about the energy that surrounds us. I am intrigued as to how our mind works. I hope to be reading another, one day soon. Lots of Love, Leanne Mongan"

"First of all it took me quite a few attempts to find Sharons book as it was sold out..Testament in itself. A beautifully written account of Sharons own emotional challenging journey & how she overcame it. I would imagine myself & so many others can relate to so much of it. It will be a book I will.keep.on my bedside table & refer to again . Thank you so much Sharon for sharing & helping us realise anything is possible if we let in what blocks us. Julie Lee"

"Hi Sharon. I finished your book a few days after the book launch but am only writing my review now; late as usual! What an incredibly well written book about some overwhelming challenges that you marvelled with such compelling strength. I cried my way through most of it. Despite these hurdles you showed immense compassion towards complete strangers to help them along their journey, which is a testament to your inner strength and resilience. You are an incredible lady and a pleasure to know. Thank you Sharon for sharing your story. 
Love Marie. X