Life is like a bicycle ride

Today I had a wonderful client who like most of us has gone or is going through a struggle in their lives, as we spoke and I felt the energy of what She holds true in her heart, I seen a lovely vision in my mind. Life is truly like a bicycle ride, sometimes we are cycling along enjoying the view, it may rain while we are half way to our destination, the tyre may become flat or the chain might come off. Your first thought is one of frustration as you wonder “why me, why now!?”, but isn’t that the way life truly is for most of us!?

No matter who we are or where we are in our lives, we will all find ourselves moving along and enjoying what we are blessed with, as we come upon any situation that blocks our view of the loveliness in or around us, we want to push it away immediately and get back to feeling safe and secure.

Life is about learning lessons, as on your bicycle ride, you may fall off and graze your knee, but it doesn’t stop you from cycling ever again, you are just a little bit more careful the next time you go out on the bike. You are more aware and observant of what is on your path, the same applies to your life.

As you set out on each day, you have a goal of what you want to do, where you want to go and what you want to achieve, as we all know, life manages to throw many interruptions into our days and we sometimes get side-tracked. This is not always a bad thing, if we stay on course with only the expectations of our mind, we may be limiting ourselves. Imagine if you will, you are on a bike ride and your tyre gets a puncture, you have to veer off the path and look for someone to help you. As you search along a new path, you come upon an area of beauty that you had never seen before and it lifts your Spirits, then a stranger stops along the way to help, whilst helping you they tell you a bit about their life. As you continue sharing your stories of woe and delight to this passing stranger, you realise that you have made a new connection, one that may develop into something positive or one that you have learned that as human beings it is in our nature to help one another, thus restoring your faith in others. You come away from that experience only to realise that if none of this happened you wouldn’t have found a new place to visit or met someone new that connected to you in a loving and helpful way. That doesn’t sound too bad does it?

So in life if you are going about your business and you find yourself in a stressful situation, does that mean you stop moving forward and stay where you are? NO! It means you keep on moving, delighting in all the positives you find along the way and acknowledging that sometimes it is okay to have a challenge or a struggle in your life. Even if it pours down with stress, it is just for that moment, it won’t last forever, just like a bike ride in the rain, you use an umbrella only when it rains!

As children we learn how to balance on a bicycle and if we keep on pedalling we will go more places, we must remember this as adults, to try and keep a balance in all areas of our lives and even if the road gets a little bumpy, if we stop for a minute to compose ourselves, look for a new direction, keep moving forward, we will always enjoy the ride, even if it takes us just a little bit longer to get there.