Being Mindful in the Mundane

As I walk around my house doing my daily chores, I could get caught up in feeling resentful of ‘having’ to clean the house, do the laundry etc., but instead I like to turn all of those daily chores into a positive energy for myself and in turn for everyone that visits my home.

Today I had a little rest and I didn’t scold myself for not getting up as early, as I woke I was very happy that I have the opportunity to rest this morning and take my time in getting out of bed, as I rose I gave thanks for the great sleep and the comfortable bed, I took each step and became more and more aware of wanting to feel good for the day ahead, so I became mindful of my thoughts and actions.

If we let ourselves drift off into all that we have to do and putting unreal expectations on ourselves, we become anxious and frustrated. I allowed myself to just be in each moment and appreciate each task as I was doing it.
What really surprised me today was the joy I felt as I approached my tasks with this intention of being positive, as I cleaned my house I noticed the plants, the ornaments, the floor and beautiful memories came to mind of all my blessings. For example as I dusted the ornaments I have around my house, I remembered each person that gifted me with that beautiful addition to my house. It took them time to think of me and to go out and buy this item, so I in turn gave them a thought for their thoughtfulness and as I noticed each item, I gave thanks and sent a blessing of gratitude to that person. It turned out to be a very blessed morning and blessings were going out left right and centre, before I knew it, I had all my tasks completed and had loads of time left, thus in turn time to write my thoughts and feelings down to share with you wonderful people.

I found myself singing and dancing as I moved around instead of dragging my feet and allowing my energy to become tired and slow. I opened up my mind and my heart and decided to take charge of what I thought and felt. We each have this ability but like everyone, we sometimes get caught up in the drudgery of daily and mundane tasks, but again it is how we look at them.

The next time you are thinking about the ‘mundane’ tasks you have ahead of you, switch the thought and in turn the energy. As you take on each task, think of the people that will benefit from this beautiful clean house with such lovely light energy that you have created. As you cook a meal, bless the food, the Earth that provided it and how you will nourish yourself and your family with this divine food.

As you start to focus on the positive benefits of each of your tasks, you lose the negative thoughts and feelings that you may have always surrounded this chores with, let’s try and take each task, one at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time. We are all living in this present moment and our tomorrows are created by our thoughts today, so let’s send out positive thoughts and feelings for ourselves and all that we love.  I am happy in this very moment and I choose to create a life of joy in each moment