Getting to know yourself

As we are all energy, we are all connected to one great source of inspiration and hope. As we let go of the need to control and force things, we allow all things to flow. I have found that the more I am aware of my thoughts, the more I can choose what to focus on and give energy to.
For all of you that know me, you will know I am strong advocate for the practise of meditation in our daily lives, why? Because once you are tuned into your own thoughts and feelings, you are more aware of what is real and what are fear based thoughts. What is fear – false evidence appearing real. So why spend time worrying and being fearful of thoughts are not real!?

Meditation is more than just sitting and letting the world pass you by, it is a deep connection to your true essence, you become the observer of your life and obtain solutions to those niggling problems that keep cropping up in your life. Meditation is mindful, as you eat, walk, speak and listen to the world around you, you observe and take in each moment. Meditation is connecting to your Divine light within you.
I say to everyone, just try meditation for a few minutes every day, sit quiet and breathe deeply, focus on the breath and just allow yourself to be fully present and aware of those few moments, just do this every day and see what happens in your life, you become more calm, more self-aware, you will relax more easily in stressful situations and allow yourself to observe situations before reacting to them.

I have learned more from the practise of meditation in every aspect of my life. It has brought me a deep sense of well-being in mind, body and spirit. It has allowed me to connect on a deeper level to the groups and clients I work with. I have found myself through meditation, no-one can show or give you this, you must do it for yourself, this is the practise of mindful meditation. It is a daily practise that you will come to love and reap the benefits of it in so many ways. Go inwards on a journey of self- discovery and you will be amazed. Everything you will ever need is already inside of you and don’t ever forget it.