You are all THAT!

Do you spend most of your time telling yourself all that you are not?

Believe it or not the average person has 70,000 thoughts a minute and most of them are negative or they are unaware of what they are actually thinking about.

So how can we help to change this pattern?

By changing our pattern of thoughts and self-talk, we can become more aware of what we want to be and start to programme our subconscious mind with the belief that we are everything we want to be.. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and illusion, so whatever you feed it, it takes as fact! 

Some people are great at visualising themselves leading the life of their dreams and others need a little bit more work at it, so to help you get started, here is a little mantra to help you on your way to being all that.


I Am that I Am is the common English translation of the response God used in the Bible when Moses asked for his name.

Transforming Negatives - When we put negatives after I AM as 'I am broke', 'I am not worthy', 'I am a failure', it creates limitations. Instead you could affirm 'I AM powerful', 'I am abundant' and you will automatically be filled with enormous capacity for transformation

 So take out a pen and paper and write I AM THAT, I AM at the top

What do you want THAT to mean for you? Under the word THAT, write down all the things you want it to hold for you, so that everytime you say I AM THAT I AM, you are empowering yourself with all the qualities and positive attributes THAT holds for you.

What is it you most want to be in your life?

For example THAT could be 'happy, confident, positive, abundant, living my dreams, working in my ideal job, in the most loving relationship, respected by my peers, open to new opportunities and the list goes on and on. Do you get the idea?

So once you have written down everything and I mean everything that you want to be held in the energy of THAT,  every time you say the mantra I AM THAT I AM, you are embedding the thoughts and energy of the belief that you are already all that.

So get writing and you can add to it as often as you like as long as you remember to focus your intention on all being held in THAT as you repeat your mantra I AM THAT, I AM


Love Sharon