What other people think of you is none of your business

“Life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you, have fun and give them something to talk about”

I saw this quote the other day and thought it was fabulous! One of my favourite sayings is “what other people think about you is none of your business!” But of course as is human nature, we do need approval and reassurance from others and if we don’t get it, we then worry that others are criticising us or worse still, they won’t like us for who we are!!!!! So instead of ‘thinking’ too much about what everyone else thinks, start to focus on you. What would you like to other people to actually be saying about you behind your back? What you believe others are saying about you, is what you are actually saying to yourself constantly. We don’t need anyone else to say a word, as we are sometimes our own worst critics. So let’s start a new conversation, every day when you wake up, stretch out your arms, jump out of bed and tell yourself it is going to be a great day. When you look into the mirror, don’t go ‘oh God’ and sneer at yourself, instead look into your eyes and say “Good Morning Beautiful”, compliment yourself, share positive words with yourself, even if it is silently in your mind, but don’t let the negative little comments creep in. The first person you meet in themorning whether it be in your home, on the street or in work, give them a smile and a big ‘Good Morning’, the more positive you are the more it will spread to everyone you meet, positivity is highly contagious ( as is negativity) so let’s get smiling. Okay so you may face a big challenge during the day and find it hard to keep smiling and being positive, but instead of reacting like a crazy person, this time you will take a breath, imagine you are standing outside of yourself and realise that this problem isn’t as big as you normally make it out to be, you are outside of it for now and can respond in a different way, so what do you do? Is it easier to react the way you normally do or can you change just a little bit for today, the more you stand back a little, the more you will find yourself responding in a more calm and not judgemental way. So now everyone is starting to notice you and how calm you are, how every time they see you, you are smiling! The start to notice you are much happier in yourself and it shows in the way you hold yourself, the way your walk and talk. People are starting to notice the positive qualities in you and not the negative ones! Why? Because you started the whole process. Remember everything starts with ourselves, if you want a change, you must be the change. So let’s get people talking about how fabulous you are, come on you can do it!