Self praise is no praise?

Is this old saying true, or is it something we were taught to keep us from feeling really good about ourselves? We have all heard this and many other sayings like “don’t get too big for your boots”, but I believe that if we don’t praise ourselves on a daily basis, we may be waiting a long time for someone else to do it.

I believe that every little accomplishment, no matter how small, should be recognised by us each and every moment. We may be too hard on ourselves and don’t congratulate ourselves enough on the little achievements, every little achievement leads us to do more and more as we have a belief in ourselves that we can do anything we set out minds to.
Why do we wait on other people’s approval to recognise our own self- worth? Although we all love a little approval, we shouldn’t wait to acknowledge our strengths on the basis of other people’s opinions. We must value ourselves, our self- worth and find strength in our personal power.

Every day I wake up and give thanks for the day ahead, not knowing what may come, but I send out gratitude before me in the hope and belief that it will be a great day. When I lay down to sleep at night, I give thanks for all that I have accomplished that day no matter what challenges and obstacles I may have also had to face in that day.

Praising others is a very valuable lesson also, when we praise others, we recognise in them the efforts they are making in their own lives. As we send out praise to others, we are also honouring ourselves. What we see in others is sometimes what we don’t recognise in ourselves. Recognise that other people had to work hard to get where they are right now and you can do the same, all it takes is a little belief and one step forward.

What are you going to praise yourself for today?