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I looked out the two storey window and thought to myself “would it hurt anymore than it does already if I jumped”,”would anyone really miss me!”. I felt that there was no one, the screaming got louder in my head and I screamed silently from the deepest part of my soul, my heart ached so much that it felt like it was bursting out of my chest, I just wanted it all to stop. What happened that night I do not remember, my last memory was of pain and anguish, fear and loneliness. The next morning I awoke in my bed tucked in safely.  Did one of my house- mates come in and find me a desperate wreck on the floor and put me to bed? I checked the door, it was still locked from the inside, “God, maybe I am going crazy”, I couldn’t even remember putting myself to bed! I just was so confused, a sudden calm came over me and I realised that I was the only one to save me, I was the one to give myself the kick up the backside and start living again, if I waited for anyone else to save me….I may be waiting a long time. Without realising it at that very moment, I had been saved, I wasn’t meant to leave this life at that particular moment, I had been helped but not by any physical person, I had been spoken to and helped, but little did I know that it was still my decision, my free will to come back to this Earth and make it the best life I possibly could. I didn’t realise I had a soul plan for ‘Sharon’, I didn’t understand back then everything I had ever been through in my life had led me to that particular moment in my life where I questioned the purpose of it, if it really was worth living, if I had meaning in my life for myself or for anyone else and without realising it I began a quest, a quest for life, I never knew it would lead me to this moment where I now sit and write these words I now share with you. I will tell you of my life and how without even realising it or understanding it, I have always been helped, I have always been guided and I am exactly where I should be at this moment in time. To get to where I am now I will tell you some of my life story, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me or see me as a victim, I don’t want you to judge the people that have hurt me in the past, I just want you to understand where I came from and how I got to this very moment and decided to write the words that may help someone else to find their own path of healing. I will tell you of my experiences as I saw and felt them as a child growing up and how I feel about them now. I am not that child anymore frightened and scared. 
I am Divinely Guided and I give thanks everyday for choosing to remain on this Earth to fulfil my Soul’s plan, if I didn’t I would have affected so many other people’s lives and imagine not being able to get up every morning and see the sky, to feel my breath, to hear the wind, to smell the grass, to walk on this Earth, to BE. I AM, I will always BE. I invite you now to come on my journey and hope in some small way it will open your heart just a little more to the beauty of the Divine Energy that we all are.