Someone please help me, so I did - Book

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Someone please help me, so I did - Book


Someone please help me, so I did

The first in the Awaken your potential series by Sharon, she shares with you the struggles and challenges of sexual abuse, anxiety,depression and suicidal thoughts that were a huge part of her life since childhood. She tells you how in finding peace in her life she was able to move on by learning new tools and techniques that she now shares in her current role as an Intuitive Wellness Coach based in Co. Galway. 

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Her first book launched on 8th December 2017 has already received rave reviews from all over the world.

She was featured on Mid West Radio

and also on A Lust for Life

She has also created a 21 day gratitude and guidance journal which correlates to her book. Whilst you are reading the book certain topics may resonate with you and bring up past issues that you too need to release and heal. The journal is a daily tool to help you in giving guidance to acknowledging and accepting your past and helping you move in your own life. Each day you will be asked to write certain things that will help you heal on a deeper level. 

"Courageous in the telling and inspirational in the reading, Sharon Fitzmaurice emerges as one of the most honest life-writers putting pen to paper in the genre today. Hoping to see more from Sharon in the future. Her accompanying journal encourages her audience to start their own healing journey—and that’s part of what makes Sharon stand out—she has integrity." Dr. Rebecca Housel

This journal may also be purchased on this site. 

Sharon always welcome your thoughts and feelings on her book and if you feel you would like to share please do email her afterwards or share on facebook or twitter with a little review. Let's help spread the word. 

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