Rhythm of Life Weekend Retreat

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October retreat image 2019.png

Rhythm of Life Weekend Retreat


We all go through different experiences in our lives which have many positive and negative effects on our present life, as a result we sometimes get caught up in the same old beat whether that is in our thoughts or emotions. In this retreat we will work on allowing ourselves to flow in our natural rhythm, with ease and peace.

We will do this by allowing ourselves the space and time to do so, naturally and gently, through meditation, sound healing therapy, creative expression in writing, movement, walking, relaxation and fun.

The weekend starts with a welcome dinner at 6pm for all the group followed by an opening circle to open our energy to healing on all levels.

All meals, accommodation and workshops are included in the cost of 285 euro. A deposit of 100 euro must be paid in advance to secure your place. All accommodation is shared dorm style or you may book a single or twin room shared at an additional cost of 24 euro per person. Please advise at time of booking if you wish to secure a private room as they are limited. Balance to be paid on arrival to Sharon


Sharon Fitzmaurice is an intuitive holistic wellness coach, author, speaker, reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist and has been facilitating workshops in the Boghill Centre for the past number of years.

Joining Sharon is guest facilitator Norah Coyne - holistic therapist from Connemara. Norah is a joy to work with and brings her soothing sounds to the workshop through her sound healing bath using her beautiful crystal bowls and gongs. Together Sharon & Norah create a safe and warm space for you to truly be yourself.

To bring with you - warm comfortable clothes, blanket and cushion for workshop space. Your own toiletries and a towel.

We spend the evenings relaxing by an open fire, having a little beverage, chatting, sometimes song and dance have been known to break out, but mostly a place where strangers become friends.

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