Mindful Awareness Training


Mindful Awareness Training


Sharon Fitzmaurice is a Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher/Trainer & Facilitator which she incorporates into her holistic wellness practise in Co. Galway.

Facilitating private and corporate groups, workshops and retreats since 2008, she has shared with thousands of people in Ireland and abroad the tools and techniques of how to live a more mindful life.

She is now offering one to one training to other facilitators who would like to bring the practise of mindfulness into their own lives and go on to share it in their own workshops or training days.

Company / Corporate Training days can be arranged to suit needs of Team Leaders/Managers - contact Sharon for more details

This is a certified training and includes a detailed manual with accompanying cd of a mindful awareness meditation.

The training will take place over one day from 10am to 4pm .

Cost is 400 euro and must be paid in advance.

The training will cover all aspects of Mindfulness, self care and living a more mindful life that will benefit all areas of your personal and professional life.

If you are interested in booking a training day with Sharon, please contact her through her website to arrange a date and time to suit.

Review from Training Participant

"I was so excited about meeting Sharon as I had been linked in with her through social media for a long time & loved her work but meeting her exceeded my expectations. Her warm welcome gave me a lasting first impression. Sharon was so open, tuned in & present throughout my whole training. She went through the steps of mindfulness in as many aspects as possible in order for me to gain a broad understanding of the concept. Sharon also gave me a deeply relaxing experience where she helped me relax throughout a guided mindful/meditation body scan. I cannot rate her highly enough & I am thrilled to have met such a beautiful, genuine soul who does what she does because she loves it."

(Jennifer Reidy - Compassion Fatigue Ireland)

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