'Awaken Your Potential'

One to One Appointments

Group Sessions available

Holistic Wellness Coach

  • Helping you to step into your power, to nurture your dreams and take a courageous step into a new relationship with yourself and your life

  • Personal growth and Self-Awareness

  • Free your mind of old limitations and fears


Clarity and Focus

  • Where you are, where you want to be and how you want to get there

  • Be present in every moment of your life



Mindfulness & Motivational Speaker

  • Empowering people and organisations in strengthening their commitments to their vision.

  • Practises that exercise strength of mind and body

  • Expand your capacity to be more creative, productive and responsible



See the world with new eyes

  • Transform the way in which you think and see yourself

  • Awaken your life through mindfulness and motivational practises

  • To practise new ways of being that align with your desires in order to reach your highest potential


Tell a new story

  • We each carry our own stories with us, many of those stories define who we have been in the past and the more we keep telling them, the more we continue to define who we are in the present. We limit ourselves in the old belief that we may not be good enough, we are not deserving of a loving relationship, a great career, a new home or a new life?

  • We can be whoever we want to be, transforming the way in which you think of yourself will help you to practise new ways of being, new ways of looking at your life, helping to strengthen your conscious awareness of how you are being in the life you now want to create.


Work from the Inside Out

  • No amount of money or success will give you the happiness or peace of mind you desire if you keeplooking outside of yourself.

  • Happiness begins with you!

  • Self-awareness if the key to happiness and success



I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon Fitzmaurice both personally and professionally for over 8 years now. When I think of Sharon, there are a few words that come to mind immediately to describe her – Love, Happiness, Fun & Laughter. Sharon has a contagious personality filled with her equally contagious laugh. She exudes joy and passion in all her relationships whether it is with her clients or her friends. Sharon is a magnet of love. I have observed her grow her business organically over the years, building great momentum in living her life full of purpose, passion and commitment. Her dedication to her powerful work speaks for itself with many who have had the opportunity of working with her, make great changes to their lives. Sharon is one of life’s “Givers” and this is reflected in it’s application to her work and associated interests. I believe the individual lucky enough to cross Sharon’s path, whether that be as a client or friend will be enriched by the experience and forever transformed.
— Pauline Rohdich, Advaya - True Life Teacher
On behalf of the Corofin Community Development Association (CCDA) I would like to highlight Sharon Fitzmaurice’s involvement in the Corofin Health & Beauty Event which was held during the Corofin Calling Festival from 19th to 26th July 2014. Sharon was invited to join us as a guest speaker to deliver at this event around the topic of Mindfulness & Reiki including tips for overall happiness. The event was attended by 150 attendees and Sharon delivered an very natural and insightful presentation which was both uplifting & informative around self motivating, feeling positive, being thankful and happy within your own life. She presented in a very professional, motivating and upbeat manner which is true to Sharon’s personality and work ethic - this was really well received by the audience. The feedback was excellent regarding the Health and Beauty Event overall but in particular regarding the calibre of speakers & topics covered. We would highly recommend Sharon for future events.
— Michelle Murphy, CCDA PRO & Festival Co-Ordinator 2014