Camino Trips Waterford,Spain & France


People walk the Camino de Santiago for many different reasons:, adventurous, spiritual, for the outdoors or simply to do something special with their holidays . The Camino can mean very different things to different people but there is one thing that binds all Camino pilgrims together: it is a very unique experience, a walking retreat/holiday like no other. It is a sense of achievement to walk each day whilst connecting with the beautiful surroundings of Nature and landscapes that take your breath away. Meeting new people adds to your personal development and helps you to learn more about yourself. A challenging adventure with loads of fun along the way. Staying in beautiful hotels each night, get your luggage transferred each day. Beautiful food and people. Every experience is worth it. 

One of my many dreams was to walk the Camino de Santiago and to bring a group with me, I did that last April 2017 and also this year 2018, I will be walking it again twice! I have already planned a new route with Into the West Adventures for April 2019, why not join me for a new adventure. 

Stop waiting for life to happen for you, go out and make it happen, see my blog on our first trip to the Camino

As part of my mindful awareness programme this year, I will also be taking groups a little closer to home in conjuction with  Waterford Camino Tours I will  be bringing groups for weekend trips to involve walking, boat trips and cycling in Dunmore East.

Trips are open to everyone, we have had many people come from the UK to join us, you don't have to know anyone because you will make loads of new friends for life

If you are interested, please return to upcoming events for all information.